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They’re Here, They’re Here!

Date posted: January 19, 2011

The ~undulate~ 1001 Nights photos have finally been posted. The photographers got some really great shots (and of course it helped that my performers were all pretty awesome), so check them out here: ~undulate~ 1001 Nights Photo Gallery

Here are some of my favourites that I just had to share:

My Bollywood Students: I love the energy of all the girls in this photo; it’s so upbeat and let’s be honest…it screams Bollywood!

Banat el Sharq: I love the way Stacey and Leah are having so much fun and really enjoying dance! Funnily, this was for the piece called “The Happy Lands,” so it worked out perfectly!

GypsyVibe: The performance, the lighting, and this awesome photo were so amazing! This is such an empowering shot that really emphasizes the sense of community that was the theme of this piece.

Cairo ala Nar: It might be a bit uncool to choose a photo with myself in it, but I really like the contrast between Moli’s sexy samba movements and my standing there…doing not much.

Okay, I think I need to stop. I could really do this all night as there are so many amazing photos, but I’ll just let you check out the Photo Gallery instead and share in the story of ~undulate~ 1001 Nights.

Coming soon: Videoclips from the show (assuming I find a computer to cooperate with me)

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