Teressa-Belly Dance Artist in Toronto

Belly Dance Classes

Teressa’s classes are invigorating and fun for all ages! Each class begins with an energetic warm-up and conditioning routine, followed by movement and technique practice, putting it all together in a fun bellydance routine. The finale of the class is an exciting drum solo, working on big shimmies and accents, and finally, a cool-down and stretch.


No classes scheduled at the moment.


No classes scheduled at the moment.


Dance Fusion, 489 Brimley Road, Scarborough (just south of Eglinton Avenue)



5-Week Course: $80


Drop-In: $20 per class


Beginner Bellydance

Beginner classes are for everyone, whether you are a novice who has never danced in your life, or an advanced student looking to perfect the foundational belly dance skills. In this class, proper body posture is developed, as well as the essential muscular isolations that are necessary for all genres of belly dance. In this level, students work on hip accents, shimmies, figure eights, traveling steps, and more! Students will build strength and coordination, experience an intense workout, as well as develop flexibility and grace.

No experience necessary!

Upper Beginner Bellydance

After at least 2 sessions at the Introductory/ Beginner level, students are ready for the Upper Beginner level. At this level, students review and begin to layer their foundational isolations and movements to create a cohesive, graceful dance. Students will learn new arm placements, foot patterns, and serpentine movements to add to their movement vocabulary. Combinations, short choreographies, and the beginnings of musicality and rhythmic knowledge light the spark of creativity as students begin to move in ways natural to the belly dancer.

Intermediate Bellydance

At the Intermediate level, students must have a strong foundation of isolations, circles, figure eights, undulations, and 3/4 shimmies. Once in the Intermediate level, students will continue to learn more complex movement layering and challenging combinations/choreographies in different styles of bellydance such as classical Egyptian, entrances, drum solos, and modern/contemporary styles. A focus on Middle Eastern rhythms is established, as well as working on improvisation and extensive use of props such as veil, finger cymbals, and veil.

Students should have 1 year of bellydance experience. Please speak to the instructor if you are unsure of your level.


At the Intermediate/Advanced level, students continue to work with  increasingly complex choreographies and understanding the musical rhythms and nuances inherent in different styles of Middle Eastern and bellydance music. Performance skills, stage presence, improvisation, and understanding how to put together a bellydance show is developed. In addition, strong technique articulation is emphasized and refined. Students are encouraged to begin to develop their own individual style of dance.

Students may join this class with permission from the instructor only.

Bollywood (All Levels)

Our Bollywood classes are a great aerobic workout and awesome dance training! Classes are open to dancers of all levels. Students will learn the foundational isolations, footwork patterns, and hand and arm patterns that are common to Bollywood style dances. In addition, students will also work with other dance forms including jazz, hip-hop, bellydance, Latin dance styles, and more as these dance forms also play an integral component in Bollywood styles! Short combos and choreographies are taught in each class.

No experience necessary!




$35 per 2-hour workshop

***Please note that all workshops are pre-registered.***


Dance Fusion Studios, 489 Brimley Road (south of Eglinton Ave. East), Scarborough

To register or for more info:

E-mail: teressabellydance@gmail.com
Phone: 416-732-1304


How do I register and pay for classes or workshops?

Contact us to book your spot by e-mailing teressabellydance@gmail.com or calling 416-732-1304. We accept payment by cash and cheque for classes and workshops. You can also pay for classes in advance through Paypal or online Interac transfer. Contact Teressa for your registration form. Payments can be made on the first day of class.

What do I wear to class?

Please wear comfortable athletic/ dance clothing (i.e. yoga or jazz pants, tanks or crop tops, etc.). Avoid garments that will restrict your movement, such as jeans and skirts (doing conditioning exercises like crunches and squats aren’t so fun in jeans or skirts!). You may also bring a scarf to wear around your hips. Teressa also sells hip scarves for your convenience. We dance in bare feet (feel free to bring ballet flats or half-sole dance slippers if you’d like).

What happens if I’m not able to make one of my classes?

That’s no problem! You can make up your class by taking another one in the same session. Missed classes may not be transferred to the next session of classes.  Please be advised that we do not offer refunds/credits on any missed classes or workshops.

Do you offer drop-in options for students?

We have now started to offer drop-in options for students not able to complete a whole session of dance classes, which is $20 per class.  However, our classes still run in 6 week sessions as we feel that it is most beneficial for students to enroll in a session of classes so that the instructor has a greater ability to ensure that the session progresses at a high level of engagement and challenge for all students and the goals of Teressa’s Dance Curriculum is met. This also gives students an optimal learning experience as the instructor is able to work with them for a longer period of time and better assist them with their bellydance goals.

I’ve never danced before; can I still take belly dance classes?

Absolutely! You do not need any experience to come to our Beginner classes as they are geared towards those with little or no dance experience. In these classes, we start from the beginning and break down technique and dance movements in detail.

What is a typical class like?

All classes begin with a fast-paced warm-up to re-awaken and energize your muscles. We then do a short conditioning and strengthening drill, preparing your body for dance, while giving you an aerobic workout. In the main portion of class, we focus on technique and movements, drilling and trying out exciting combinations of movements. We also include an intense drum solo in which we work on lots of fast paced shimmies with crazy layers. Finally, we stretch out our muscles and cool down. Classes may also include instruction in a particular folkloric dance, as well as the use of props, or exploration of Middle Eastern dance history.

If you’re new to bellydance and want to know a bit about our Beginner classes, check out this blog post about What Happens in our Beginner Bellydance Classes.

Do you offer performance opportunities for students?

Absolutely! Bellydance is lots of fun to do in the dance studio, but of course it’s even more exciting and also a great learning experience to perform in front of an audience.

We offer at least one (sometimes two) student performance showcases each year, where students learn a variety of Belly dance, Middle Eastern folklore, fusion, and even Bollywood choreographies in their classes and perform in costumes for their family and friends in an intimate theatre setting.

In addition, for Intermediate/Advanced students, performance opportunities at a wide variety of festivals and events are available. For example, we have performed at the Taste of the Lawrence Festival, Dorset Park Day, the Taste of the Woods Festival and Scarborough Village Summer Festival to name a few. Check out photos of our Community events here: Students and Community Events Photos